Monday, 9 December 2013

Day 9 - "Wonderful Christmastime" - The Shins

...And speaking of Lord Macca of Scouse...
No one bends to the genius of Paul McCartney more than me and I think it's a shame, and also rather odd, that some moderno arrivista notion seems to dictate that a cultural icon needs to be hung out to dry for mistakes - even if there are a good many of them - in a career spanning the best part of half a century. "You like McCartney?" they sneer "What about Mull of Kintyre?"
What about it indeed? Up there on a list of one of my worst ever songs - in fact, there are whole swathes of McCartney's '70's output that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy but I'd forgive him anything for a 'Penny Lane', 'Hey Jude' or a 'Let It Be'. Even 'Wonderful Christmastime'!
But time does odd things occasionally, and this 1979 Top Ten McCartney hit with Wings - voted 'Worst Christmas Song of All Time' in an online poll in 2006 and generally regarded as one of the lovable Mop Tops poorest compositions - suddenly finds some hidden substance once the Albuquerque based Indie popsters The Shins get hold of it. Given the full 'Pet Sounds' treatment, in a lovingly re-crafted way, this is really enjoyable.
So good, in fact, I think I'll revisit the original again....Nah! Only joking!

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