Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Day 25 - "Last Christmas" - Wham!

Surprised? Can't say I blame am I! But although I usually start off on December 1st with a vague idea of where I'm going and what I'm going to put into the Calendar, the whole thing is intentionally pretty fluid and often ends up going somewhere I wasn't expecting.
This blog was always intended as an addition to the usual fare we hear every Christmas and over seven years - barring the odd foray - it's pretty much nibbled at the crusty edges of the great pie of Christmas music rather than drop a spoon into the mushy centre. But it was never the intention to drive a 10-ton truck through the accepted traditions of the season and I realise not everyone shares my enthusiasm for scouring the WWW every October onwards searching for obscure festive tunes.
Such a person is the Good Lady Blagg who has to put up with me disappearing into the Blagg Acre offices every year, and hearing some strange noises emanating from the PC as I chase up some bizarre web site from out of Wisconsin where someone has loaded some Carols from a Tibetan Nose Flute player.
Never a well-woman, she's suffered from particularly bad health this year and had some further bad news yesterday. 'Last Christmas' is her favourite Christmas song and this is for her, with love.
As an addition, I've been able to get some stats from the blog this year I've never had access to before and I can now see where people have accessed the Calendar from. It makes from some pretty fascinating reading and - although I'm not really au-fait with the popularity of George Michael in some areas of the Far East, some Pacific Islands and Eastern Europe, I'm reckoning there may be a few people out there who've never even heard this before. Possibly.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. It was a bum flute played via the nose, ... entirely different skill set! Up the Hammers!